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Welcome to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien games online portal. Here you can play for free the best Ben 10 games that are available online. Your hero, Ben Tennyson, and his new Ultimatrix are ready for adventure. Ben can transform himself into new aliens and into the ultimate versions of classic heroes like Swampfire, Echo Echo, Cannonbolt, Humungousaur, Big Chill and Spidermonkey. If you like to watch Ben 10 Ultimate Alien episodes then you will love to play Ultimate Ben 10 games online.

Ben 10 to the Rescue

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Ben 10 to the Rescue Game is a free Ben ten game. Gwen Tennyson has been kidnapped by the bounty hunter Hoverboard and Ben Tennyson must save her.

With the help of the Omnitrix watch, Ben Tennyson transforms himself into 4 aliens: XLR8, Grey Matter, Wildmutt and Diamondhead. Using his super speed, XLR8 runs on the highway with 500 mph and try to catch and defeat Hoverboard.

On level 2, the 6 inch tall Grey Matter, uses his intellect second to none of Ben's other aliens and unlocks the doors for level 3. Grey Matter must fill all the holes in the green circuit to open the security system.

- Move
        Z - Boost / Attack       SPACE - Jump      

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Ben 10 to the Rescue Game Description:

On Level 3 Wildmutt has to rescue Gwen 10 and must outrun the rising magma by grabbing the walls and jumping off in the opposite direction. Is quite a difficult level but with the high agility of Wildmutt the jumps and climbs on the walls are easier.

After Gwen is safe is time for Diamondhead to enter the stage and show off his powers. With his super dense bodie which is composed of extremely dense organic green and purple crystals, Ben 10 Diamondhead is nearly invulnerable. He is able to manipulate the atomic structure of his crystalline structure and physiology at will, thus allowing him to make crude crystal weapons from any part of his body on demand, and fire crystals rapidly from his hands. Shoot with crystals at Hoverboard and destroy him.

Have fun playing Ben 10 to the Rescue Game and share it with your friends. This is one of the coolest Ben 10 Games that you must play!

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