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Welcome to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien games online portal. Here you can play for free the best Ben 10 games that are available online. Your hero, Ben Tennyson, and his new Ultimatrix are ready for adventure. Ben can transform himself into new aliens and into the ultimate versions of classic heroes like Swampfire, Echo Echo, Cannonbolt, Humungousaur, Big Chill and Spidermonkey. If you like to watch Ben 10 Ultimate Alien episodes then you will love to play Ultimate Ben 10 games online.

Ben 10 Action Packs

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Ben 10 Action Packs is a strategic Ben 10 cards game. Choose your deck of Action Packs cards (Heroes or Villains) and play four cards by dragging them onto the game board. The computer flips its cards over and adds up each side's points.

In Round 2 you can play three more Ben 10 cards. The computer flips the first two of its final three cards and adds up each side's points. Now if you want to, you can swap out your last card with another card from your hand. It will cost you a penalty of 10 points.

Finally, you choose a color. Any silver cards you have on the board will be changed to that color. The computer flips its last card and determines the winner either by points or by target colors.

Ben 10 Action Packs Game Controls: MOUSE - Point and click

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Ben 10 Action Packs Game Description:

Target colors in Ben 10 Action Packs game - at the begining of the battle, the computer will shuffle and cut each player's deck to determine target colors. If it reveals two different target colors, the player who has more cards of both colors will win the game, regardless of point totals. If only one target color is revealed, the player who has more cards of that color will get a bonus of 15 points. Black and silver do not count as target colors.
If only black and silver are revealed, there is no target color, and the game is decided by points only.

In Ben ten Action Packs game, each card has three qualities that affect play:

1. Color
Action Packs cards come in six basic colors: red, yellow, green, blue and purple. There are also special cards in black and silver.
Black cards never count toward any color total.
Silver cards can be changed to any other color toward the end of a battle, which can help a lot if you're going for target colors.

2. Value
Each Ben 10 Action Packs card has a point value in the lower right. These values can change depending on special powers that come into play during battle. If you play two or more cards of the same character with the same value, the cards will cancel each other out and neither will count toward your total points or target colors.

3. Power
Some Action Packs cards have special powers that affect the cards around them. Roll over a card to read its description; powers are listed at the bottom of the description.
Cards with powers can increase or decrease the point values based on what other cards are in play. Powers can even affect your opponent's cards and vice versa.

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