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Welcome to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien games online portal. Here you can play for free the best Ben 10 games that are available online. Your hero, Ben Tennyson, and his new Ultimatrix are ready for adventure. Ben can transform himself into new aliens and into the ultimate versions of classic heroes like Swampfire, Echo Echo, Cannonbolt, Humungousaur, Big Chill and Spidermonkey. If you like to watch Ben 10 Ultimate Alien episodes then you will love to play Ultimate Ben 10 games online.

Ben 10 Hero Hoops Game

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Ben 10 is in the backyard of his school and he must perfect his jump shot. In Ben 10 Hero Hoops Game this is not an easy task because the hoops are moving. Ben ten can't use the Omnitrix watch to transform into an alien force hero and this is why you must help him.

Pickup the red basketball balls and start to practice for the perfect jump shot. Pay attention to the bonus baskets and try to hit them. Use your basketball skills and score as many points as you can before you run out of time.

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Use the mouse to aim and click to shoot.
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