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Welcome to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien games online portal. Here you can play for free the best Ben 10 games that are available online. Your hero, Ben Tennyson, and his new Ultimatrix are ready for adventure. Ben can transform himself into new aliens and into the ultimate versions of classic heroes like Swampfire, Echo Echo, Cannonbolt, Humungousaur, Big Chill and Spidermonkey. If you like to watch Ben 10 Ultimate Alien episodes then you will love to play Ultimate Ben 10 games online.

Ben 10 The Alien Device Game

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Ben 10 The Alien Device game is one of the best Cartoon Network Ben 10 games. In Ben 10 Alien Device game the main characters are: Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Grandpa Max, Kevin Levin and the evil Vilgax.

The Ben 10 Alien Device game story is about an alien ship that crashed into the Arctic. On that alien ship there was a very powerful device that can disable any electronic device including the Omitrix. The army moved that alien device in a top secret military underground facility.

Ben's mission is to go to the Plumber base and pick up the Null Void projector in order to capture Kevin who escaped from the Null Void and now he wants to revenge. To acomplish his mission Ben ten will use the Omnitrix to transform himself into these Ben 10 aliens: Wildvine, XLR8, Upchuck, Stinkfly, Grey Matter, Heatblast and Four Arms.

Vilgax is also interested in the ben ten alien device that can block the Ben 10 Omnitrix because this way he can destroy Ben 10, the Protector of Earth.

MOUSE - Move / Action     |       See the Ben 10 Alien Device Walkthrough below

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Your mission is to collect objects and clues using your mouse and solve the puzzles from each level. With the help of the Ben 10 Omnitrix Aliens you will be able to overcome some of the obstacles in each level. When you reach the final level you will have to battle Vilgax and destroy his robots.

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Ben 10 The Alien Device Walkthrough:

Ben 10 Alien Device - Chapter 1 (Where is Gwen?) - Go to the park and pick up the Frisbee disk from the tree next to the man that is sleeping on the bench. After that go to the Lake an click on Gwen, then click on the Frisbee and click again on Gwen 10. This is the ben 10 the alien device english version game.

Ben 10 Alien Device - Chapter 2 (Mishap on the Highway) - The Rustbucket has a Compartment (just above the Ben's head). Open it and pick up the Empty Can then go to the Gas Station. On the right part of the building there is a Switch covered by a Rag. Pick up the Rag and turn on the switch.
Go to the Gas Pump, click the Empty Can and then click the Pump Spout to fill the can with gasoline. Now go to the Junk on the left and pick up a Welder so Grandpa Max can fix the Rustbucket Van. Go back to Max and give him the Welder and the Can with Gasoline. Play ben 10 alien device game online for free.

Ben 10 Alien Device - Chapter 3 (The Projector) - There is a Hole between those 2 big rock, click it. Using the Omnitrix, Ben 10 will transform himself into Ben 10 Grey Matter. Advance until you reach the Stone Ledge. It's hero time again for Ben 10. Now it's time for Upchuck to do his trick. Climb the Rushmore Mountain as quick as possible and avoid the falling rocks.
After you've reached the top of the mountain pick up the Rock near you. Now click the Rag from your inventory and then click the water. Continue to Plumber base.

Now that you are inside the Plumber base click on the Wet Rag and then on the Sirty Screen. Memorize the pattern of floor panels switched on and off. Click the Panel on the right of the Screen and Go Down with the Elevator.
Deactivate the lasers by walking on the floor panels and make the same pattern like the one it was on the Dirty screen. Go to the door on the left and click the Controls buttons (under the monitor). Grey Matter will oppen the door for you. I hope this ben 10 the alien device walkthrough will be useful to Ben 10 game fans.

Go inside the Projector Room. Click on the Platform, then click the Rock (from your inventory) and click again the Platform. Click the Button to disable the Force Field and pick up the Null Void Projector. Now get back to Grandpa Max and Gwen.
Help Ben 10 to defeat Kevin 11 by using Upchuck alien. Vilgax has kidnapped Grandpa Max and Gwen and know he tries to steel the Alien Device from the military base. You must stop him. Ben 10 and the alien device game is amazing.

Ben 10 Alien Device - Chapter 4 (Looking for Stuart) - Pick up the Bone, speak with the Mechanic and then go to the Runway. Pick up the Red Flag. Give the bone to the dog and pick up the Belt by using XLR8 Ben 10 Alien. Go to the Hangar and fix the Air Compressor with the Belt you've found, also Plug it in and click on the Switch. Speak with the Mechanic again then put the Red Flash onto the Flagpole. Play Ben ten alien device and other cool Ben 10 games for kids.
Go to the Runway and speak with Stuart. Destroy all Vilgax's robots to get to the military base. Use Ben 10 Stinkfly and destroy the flying robots.

Ben 10 Alien Device - Chapter 5 (The Alien Device) - Pick up the Jar and put the Scorpion inside. Now place the Jar with the Scorpion in front of the Snake. Use Ben 10 Four Arms Alien to pass over the bridge. Go to the Cliff and pick up the Magnetic Card. Go back and then go into the Cave. Use Ben 10 Swapfire Alien and click the Giant Stalactite. Open the Hatch by clicking the Magnetic Card and then the Card Reader. Use the Panel from the elevator to use it.
Click the Switch from the bridge to enter the Military base. Here you will find Vilgax and the Ben 10 The Alien Device. Disable Ben ten Alien Device by doing this: click the Blue Orb, then the Red Orb and finally the Yellow Orb.This is the final level where you fight Vilgax and his robots. Play Ben 10 alien device online game and have fun with the rest of free Ben 10 games online from this website.

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